Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sneak Peek

The Girls With Glasses are busy creating new videos for you as we speak. Here are some stills captured on set of their upcoming "Book Worm Wednesday" shoot, where the girls discuss the books they are reading right now.

Photographed by Evan Romine
Makeup By Jourdan Dudgeon
Hair by Anthony Hernandez
Special Thanks to Kendra Worsnup and Niki Worthen

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Interview With Jason Reeves

Brooke and Summer interview musician Jason Reeves. Jason sings Wishing Weed and the girls ask him questions about music, girls and smiling.

Meet The Girls

Brooke White and Summer Bellessa met on MySpace as fans and supporters of each others’ work, soon growing into good friends. "We would send each other new blogs that we fancied, or new music that we couldn't get enough of," says Summer. "We are both traditional on some things and innovative on others," adds Brooke. The girls’ paths have connected with The Girls With Glasses Show project, but it took very different ways to get there.

Brooke White
The magic of Brooke White resonates within her music and the former nanny’s first full-length release since she became an American Idol finalist in 2008. Brooke made an unforgettable first impression on Idol’s seventh season when she told the judges that she’d never watched an R-rated movie, prompting Simon Cowell to offer to bring her “to the dark side.” But as viewer’s found throughout her charmed run to a Top 5 finish, the Phoenix, Ariz. native presented herself like a beacon of light that shone through that “dark side,” a passionate swirl of willowing soul and ‘70s flavored gold.

The oldest of four siblings, Brooke’s parents passed their love of music on to their children, and that love has blossomed in her. “My upbringing is entirely the reason that I am the artist that I am today,” she says. “My parents are hardcore music fans, and we grew up in a small house, close together all the time. Music was the therapy that made us very happy as a family … I’m not an average music listener. I do this because I really do love it.”

Summer Bellessa
At four years old, Summer Bellessa started her modeling career and by 17 had the opportunity to travel the world living in fashion capitals that include: Paris, Hamburg, New York, Miami, London and Tokyo. Summer had clients such as Clairol, Sears, Target, Shiseido, Secret, Glamour, AT&T and Vidal Sassoon. Those experiences as a model opened her eyes to the world outside her hometown of Chicago Heights, Ill. Her metamorphosis from model into entrepreneur began as she effortlessly brought creative and talented people together to do great things.

Today, Summer continues to nurture creative minds from all kinds of different backgrounds capturing the fashion world as Founder and Editor of women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine ELIZA. A national publication that can be found in Barnes & Noble stores across the country, ELIZA was created for women who want to be stylish, sexy and engaged in the world while retaining high standards in dress, entertainment and lifestyle. "I chose the name Eliza because of my high regard for Audrey Hepburn, her style and her lifestyle. With the role of Eliza Dolittle in My Fair Lady, she helped everyone realize that with a little cultivation any woman from anywhere can be mistaken for a princess."