Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Oh ladies, what can we say... we were a tad bit slow with the scarf give-away. So sorry for the delay, we haven't forgotten, just in the busy process of taking Girls with Glasses to the next level! We look forward to sharing more glassy goodness with you all... stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who participated and submitted creative and clever comments, so many good ones to choose from... And finally... The lovely winners of sweet vintage scarves are:

LAZYKRISTA (via youtube)
Ooooo Scarves! I missed the win-a-pair-of-glasses-by-commenting contest. My husband recently sat on my pair and broke them clean in half.... the day after he wrecked his car. Poor fellow. But we still have our 1983 Toyota! Runs like a tank! A scarf would help me hold my brains in while looking at all the broken things around here and make me look sophisticated while sporting my super-glued/masking taped glasses. Keep it "glassy" ladies! (get it? classy....glassy. No? Oh, well I tried.)

RUSSBECS34 (via youtube)
I’d love a good scarf
To help out my style
But I lack one myself
So imagine my smile
If you picked me
To win one of those
I’d be super happy
From my head to my toes!

8-) Brooke & Summer, GWG