Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Plan a Party

The Girls With Glasses and Kate Spade can't take all the credit for our fabulous Altitude Summit party. We had a lot of help. These are the people who helped us look good.

Angela + Ithyle had a huge role in this party. From conception to the day of the event, they were by our side. They thought up the idea for this charming Coney Island Photo Booth and created all the pieces! Check out the video they put together below. They make delightful moving pictures along with still pictures; explore more on their youtube channel.)

For our adorable Coney Island inspired tickets, we used Jak Prints. Not only do they do these amazing vintage looking tickets, they also print stickers, and apparel. We were very impressed with them--cool company. If you are looking to build up your facebook fans or twitter followers we also recommend their new product, Favicards. Check it out.

Our gift bags were a huge hit. They included: cute faux glasses from us; Brooke White's High Hopes and Heartbreak; the amazing Tassi; some Kate Spade goodies and an Emergency Chocolate Bar.

Our tables were filled with beautiful Peonies by Jamie Bellessa, bubble gum balls in mason jars, and balloons.

We also featured adorable vintage cars, which can be bought at The Children's Shop at the Grand America Hotel. Ask for the fabulous Preston.

In the entry way, we had hundreds of balloons on the ceiling. Hanging from each balloon were charming black paper glasses. How did we make these iconic show stoppers? The Cricut, by Provo Craft, of course.


  1. Oh my this is fabulous! Alt Summit looks so amazing!

    Looks like one fabulous party.

    Hannie - http://teaandbiscuits13.blogspot.com

  2. so much fun... wish i could have been there! ;)

  3. It was a ball! thanks ladies :)

  4. All I'm hearing over the blog world is about your awesome party. Wonderfulness all around!

  5. Cool! Where do we can found fake glasses like them?

  6. When I saw those glasses, I said, "cricut"! I am going to have to copy the idea of having something cut out and hung from a balloon! Genius! Love the photo booth too! I am going to do one for our couple's valentine dinner at church. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  7. i can sum up the party in one line:


    I was one of the giddy excited girls that got to help blow up balloons before the party started. Thank you so much for asking us to help and more importantly thank you for being so ridiculously awesome! I sing the praises of the GWG show and of Angela & Ithyle and I can't stop telling people about how nice you guys really are in person. The party was a visual dream and my friends and I definitely spent the most time in your room! Thanks again!

  8. Love the hanging glasses, and I want I gift bag like that, so sad I was not there!!!

  9. We love the cardboard cut outs in the coney island photo booth.
    Way to go on bringing together such great people to help you throw a great party!

  10. Excellent shots!!! Salut!!

    Francesc, Barcelona


  11. Hello ladies! I just discovered your blog + show through your kate spade feature...and you are an absolute inspiration!! Keep up the great attitude :)

  12. oh, look how adorable it all was!!!

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