Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Tie a Scarf - The Video

On our twitter ( Elaine over @clothedmuch and General Hospital actress @erin_chambers asked us to share how we like to wear scarves. Here is our video reply.

This video was a lot of fun to shoot. We got our dresses from American Vintage on Ventura Blvd. Rachel Rose DeSimone did our makeup and Julio did our hair. The only problem we faced was the location. The W Hotel in Hollywood is beautiful, but even shooting high above the city we heard every bus (every 5 minutes), helicopter (2) and fire truck (3)! Hold for sound... Hold for sound... Hold for.... Ahhh!


  1. You girls are the best! I'm so happy that you're back! x

  2. I adored this video! So cute :) I have a love of scarves, so I was real happy when I found this video :)
    Two months ago I had my own post about hippie headbands. But mine's kind of a combination of hippie and I love Lucy lol


  3. I love that you two filmed way way up there! I love the pin up girl look the most :)

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