Thursday, January 19, 2012

The City of Lights

Continuing on in our Alt-Summit Paris-themed Party, we also contacted some of our favorite bloggers who love France. Aren't these photos they lent us magical? Be sure to scroll to the bottom for a little quote on why all these talented people have a love for the city of lights. If this doesn't inspire you to come to our lovely party on Friday night Alt-attendees, we don't know what will!

1. Jordan Ferney 
"This picture was taken this summer when some of my best friends were visiting. We had a picnic on the Seine and afterwards got Berthillon ice cream. It was one of those perfect times when it's even better in real life than it looks in the photos."

"I love this image because it captures two of my favorite aspects of Paris--apple tarts from Poilane Bakery and gorgeous, blue doors on virtually every home and building.  I can't imagine Paris without either."

3. Rachel Jones 
"This first photo {left} was in the in airport and a struck me right off the plane as a bold reminder of what a glamourous and fashionable city Paris is. The second one {right} was at the Musee D'orsay definitely one of my favorite museums in the world, and I love how through time (the clock) you can see a great view of the city."

4. French Vogue cover of Sofia Coppola 

See you at Alt! 


  1. My last name is French, but I have never been in French, may be one day...I Hope!

  2. You ladies did an absolutely amazing job on Friday night. Thanks for all the goodies and the endless inspiration. A Night in Paris was a perfect ending to Alt!

  3. Oh how I love Paris. Sad I missed Alt, sounds like a good time. WIll you guys be hosting something there next year?!

  4. Was sent over to your blog from Pencil Shavings & I am glad I did! What beautiful pictures of France! I loved Paris it was such a magical city! I want to go back again! :)


  5. Hey GWG, love, love, LOVE the blog! I would love to see more variety in the topics covered. Etiquette? Being abreast on current issues of the day (but deeper than just "Rock the Vote," if you know what I mean)? Careers (you're both successful business ladies, maybe your p.o.v. on rising in the blogsphere)? Book club? Articles club? Indie arthouse movies club? B/W movie club? Drama club?

    Looking forward to things to come!

  6. Such lovely blogging ladies, and such a lovely city! It was so nice meeting you both at Alt... I didn't realize until the next day that my friend Roxy is interning with you. Small world. :)