Monday, February 27, 2012

Party Planning 101

Our Altitude Design Summit party recap is finally here! 
You loved our party last year, so we had to make an even bigger impression this year.
How do you think we did?

For this year's Alt Summit we party planned with Pinhole Press. They were a fabulous company to pair with, because we love their products and they loved our ideas.

Capturing the event was the lovely Carolee Beckham. She is a talented photographer and such a blast to work with. To see more of the party attendees shot by Carolee, go here.

There was a lot of work to get this party to look as pretty as a picture. We started with the Paris theme. We had french macarons by Mercedes White. They were sublime. 
If you want to learn how to make your own, check out her site!

We had lots of French details - Big ones like the 10 foot Eiffel Tower, and little ones like our black and white umbrellas. {the photos below are from the Alt Summit Flickr}

We had a line wrapped down the hallway for our gift bags, which included adorable striped tees by Striped Shirt (Brooke and Summer love how comfy and flattering they are, pictures to come), chocolate from Godiva, a Jack and White EP, new Redken Power Grip 03, a Pinhole Press notebook, and more!

Flowers were done by Summer's talented cousin-in-law, Jamie Bellessa. We had simple greenery in our umbrella centerpieces and beautiful pale pink flowers in our flower cart.

We even talked the waitresses into letting us paint on the cutest little french mustaches!

It was an amazing night and we couldn't of done it without our amazing sponsor Pinhole Press and each member of our creative and hardworking team. Thanks again for an amazing night.

The Girls With Glasses


  1. Yay, great recap. I think you girls are way cute. I had a blast at your party. It was so awesome meeting you both and I hope to collaborate with you girls in the future.

  2. You all did SUCH an amazing job with your party! I was so amazed with how y'all transformed the room (cafe lights? flowers? an Eiffel Tower?! It was all perfect) and I can't wait to see what you two are up to in the future. Great meeting you!

  3. looks fabulous, wish i could've come!

  4. THX for the striped shout out ladies! Proud to be part of what seemed like an amazing party!

  5. Those macaroons are so sweet. I tried making my own last week and they didn't quite turn out so I'll have to try her recipe!


  6. what a lovely party! I wish I could have been there!

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  8. i love your blog so much and anything you two do. i've been a loyal eliza mag supporter for years now, it's one of my fav's! cutest party. love the black and white feel. xo

  9. This is amazing! Such cute details and beautiful photos.