Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stripes for Springtime

Did you snag one of our gift bags at Alt Summit this year? 
Are you loving your oh-so-comfortable striped shirt we tossed in there? We are! 

Here are some quick tips for wearing stripes this spring:

Summer says:
  • When wearing striped shirts in a casual setting simplicity is the best. In my second look I paired it with gold stud earrings, dark blue jeans and ballet flats.
  • Stripes can be very nautical, to keep it looking fresh and current pair your striped shirt with unexpected colors and patterns.
Brooke says:
  • Stripes are always a good idea! 
  • Pair dark contrasting stripes such as navy and white, with pops of bright colors - pairs perfectly with neons this spring!
  • Wear vertical stripes to lengthen and thin, and horizontal to accentuate curves... like a baby bump :) 
{If you weren't able to snag one of our gift bags, never fear! The striped shirt we are both wearing above can be purchased over here at}


  1. Love it! I especially like the belted cardi with a scarf, looks gorgeous. x

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  3. You have a very cute blog here. I just did a blog post on about some prescription glasses (well 3 of them) that I pruchased recently online. That's how I ended up searching Google and finding your blog. I'm glad I did.

  4. THX for the shout out, and striped support! Did you know, you posted on my birthday!!! Nice gift!! :)

  5. You guys are too cute. LOVE a good striped shirt!

  6. Adorable pics and great tips!!!

  7. This is what we call perfect choice for perfect person I mean shirts ladies are always first choice for females for so many reasons. Thanks for sharing such a quality post.

  8. Please tell me you girls will be hosting another party at the next Alt Summit?! I am planning on going next year :)

  9. Bummer! I didn't get that shirt in my gift bag. Love the way you guys rock stripes and your party was amazing. xo