Thursday, August 12, 2010


"Where did you get that adorable little blue pen necklace?" or "What is that head band hair thingy you were wearing?" you inquire? We've been getting loads of questions regarding those must have items we featured in our "how to pack a suitcase" and "the carry on" videos...

Well, Ask and ye shall receive...

This beautiful Kate Spade bag has a name of it's own... "La Casita Josephine" AKA Summer's dream bag. This isn't technically a "carry on" but it is a perfect bag with loads of mini compartments to store all your little travel odds and ends. PS... it's on sale!!

If you are the kind of gal that is always losing your writing utensil then we have found a solution for you, a completely adorable solution we might add! This cheery blue pen attached to a dainty gold chain can be found in a Kate Spade store near you!

In addition to the fabulous items above, you can also find this striped umbrella that is ideal for keeping your lovely locks dry at a Kate Spade store on online... By the way, we love stripes.
Are you loving those plastic orange or blue frames? Perhaps Love is an understatement... how about we're obsessed! We've got more to show you from this ultra hip AND affordable AND charitable eye wear company WARBY PARKER...

Ever try to wash your face or apply make-up and your hair keeps getting in the way? Maybe you've tried the headband...probably still end up with a wet hairline right? The tassi can end all your troubles. Brooke, her mom and sister has been using the Tassi for years, as she grew up in a house right next to the inventor. Once you try this clever little invention, you'll never wash your face with out it. Oh and the best part is that it doesn't mess up your hair...

Summer swears by the Clarisonic, just take one look at her face and you'll be a believer. It is a little electronic contraption with swirling bristles that scrub all your make-up and grime away leaving your face ultra clean. It is a bit pricey, but you would consider it an investment in your skin. Constant travel will take it's toll on the appearance of skin, so proper care is necessary!
Flat hair, Oily roots, no access to a shower? Try Dry shampoo... works wonders on a second, third... dare we say fourth day hair do's. There are several brands making dry shampoo, Brooke's personal favorite is Pssss which is super cheap and can be found at your local drugstore.
This is another splurge... it's pretty fancy stuff, but if you are looking for a powder to wipe away signs of facial fatigue induced by a sleepless red eye flight, this is the one. It is soft as velvet and the color never looks fake or too pinky. As well it has a built in SPF 15.
That not so fresh airplane cabin air doesn't do your skin any favors, you might notice that it begins to feel dry and tight after a long flight... Dermalogica makes some fantastic toners that will help to re-hydrate, refresh and calm your skin.
Wouldn't it be wonderful to live in a world where everything was travel-sized... what an adorable world it would be. The tide to go mini pen is travel size and fits perfectly in your purse, so you'll be ready for those moments when perhaps you've hit some frightening turbulence and your tomato juice spills on to your fancy sweatpants.

Whether you are running through the airport or walking down the boardwalk, a pair of "june bug" Sanuks are both ultra comfy and stylish, as well they don't take up much space in your suitcase. Oh and one other tip, don't forget a pair of warm socks for the airplane, the toes get chilly!

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  1. I always use baby powder instead of dry shampoo but perchance I shall give Pssst a try! Also, I have a feeling that I may give myself a Clairsonic bday present...Thanks for the tips!!