Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I have a beautiful one year old, and Brooke is weeks away from being a mom, we thought this would be the perfect time to talk about motherhood. My red dress is vintage, and it was a gift from my mom, so I thought it was especially fitting. What does motherhood mean to you?

We are excited to have a few of our favorite bloggers with us:

CJane from
Ashley from
Alex from

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there.


  1. Lovely!
    Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  2. This was wonderful! It was even more wonderful to watch being seven months pregnant with my first. I can't wait for this new adventure. I hope all you lovely ladies have a great Mother's Day! Thanks for the video.

    Lazy Saturdays

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you two beautiful ladies!

  4. Love it! Some of my favorite bloggers bring a smile and a tear. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. What a lovely video, and a nice reminder to how wonderful our moms are.

  6. Motherhood to me signifes my wonderful, brilliant mother who sacrificed so much for my older brother and me.

    We went through the war in the former Yugoslavia; she and my dad did so much for us then and went out of their way to protect us (physically but also from the constant images of craziness on TV)...

    And then mid-September 1993 my dad got wounded while at work and died a month-and-a-half later.

    We were broken and devastated, completely shattered, but mama threw herself into organising paperwork to immigrate to Australia (she was an English-Serbian interpreter/translator so was ridiculously fluent), even though she was going through her own personal hell, having lost her soulmate and husband. We got the visa, mama organised everything (selling our apartment fully furnished, packing all our belongings and memories into 2-3 suitcases) and we left for our new life oceans away in a country we'd only ever read about, a country that was unfamiliar ground.

    7-8 years later she was diagnosed with clinical depression because she had repressed her grief to such an extent that it had accumulated and finally caught up with her -- she had taken care of everyone but herself.

    And so, she's my hero for loving us unconditionally; for bringing us up by herself without the support of a husband who had been so wonderful and whom she tragically lost because of war; for sacrificing herself to give her children a better tomorrow, one free from a war and prejudice, even though that same war unfortunately took our beautiful dad, her kindred spirit. I just wish she had thought to take care of her grief properly when it was all happening, but over the years she's taken the right steps (therapy, etc) to claim back who she once was (even though, in spite of the depression, her essence is one of optimism and joy, thank God), and I make sure I'm there for her to support her and to take care of her when she needs it.

    Okaaaay, crazy-lengthy comment much?! Heh heh.

    1. Sounds like an amazing woman!!! Happy Mother's Day to her.

    2. Thanks so much, Summer! And yes, she most certainly is an amazing woman. We had a fabulous Mother's Day yesterday which: yay!

      (And I just noticed I didn't properly word one bit above: "[...] even though that same war [...] took our [...]" = I meant that in the sense of "even though it had been too late for us to stop that same war from taking dad away." My typing was clearly getting ahead of my brain, heh heh.)

  7. ...neglected to add that the video is fab and you girls are adorbs out the wazoo, mmmkay? :-)

  8. I love following your blog. :) Seriously. Come stop by and come follow!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  9. how perfect, just in time for mother's day! all such beautiful little messages :)
    xo TJ

  10. Thanks for all the great comments!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  11. such a sweet video. and a sweet reminder about how fun motherhood is.

  12. I love this video so much! Thanks for posting. I shared it in my mothers day post which will be up tomorrow!!!

  13. this is so so cute:) happy mothers day!

    p.s. i am totally in love with your blog. love the glasses

  14. LOL @ being a professional wiper. The list goes on and on ... and on!!

    Adorable little video and I love the passion from each woman!!

  15. What a fun, beautiful video! I'm so glad I took the time to watch it! xoxo

  16. Summer - your words at the very end were so sweet and inspiring! Thank you for sharing x

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