Monday, May 7, 2012

Spring Cleaning

It's spring cleaning time! Alright - we know cleaning isn't your most favorite thing in the world, but we've compiled some tips to make it a little more fun (and green!): 

Do you have any spring cleaning tips that are more out of the box? Share below!
(Products in this episode: The Naturally Clean HomeMethod Glass Cleaner and Method Laundry Detergent)

PS- Our friends over at Method just released another funny lil' diddy and video for you to enjoy,
check it out and "say no to jugs"



  1. Great tips! I actually just tossed some mailers in the trash, going to pick it out now for use on the windows. Love you ladies, you look awesome with the bump :-)

  2. I like the plant tip! Gotta love some fresh greens!

  3. where did you get those glittery glasses? i took a pair of those black 3D movie glasses and covered them in glitter because i thought it'd be cool, but i must have used the wrong stuff to make the glitter stick because they're no longer shiny and that makes me sad. having a pair of glitter glasses that actually look good would make me so happy. because glitter makes everything better, except of course when it's time to clean. you should find a cleaning tip for getting rid of glitter.

  4. Beeswax candles when burnt release positive ions into the air making you happy and cleaning the air at the same time, and they don't release soot when burning!
    Vinegar is a great bathroom and window cleaner, just add a little water.
    Grab baking soda, sprinkle over yur dirty sink, then cut a lemon in half and rub the baking soda in, will make yur sink good as new. Then spike that lemon into your dishwasher, instant dishwasher freshener!

  5. Thanks for the tips ladies! :)


  6. Having done a mammoth, painstaking spring clean before my husband and I moved out several months ago (into an apartment overlooking the Melbourne city skyline and nearby river, which, SCORE!), I can think of only one tip.

    Ya ready?


    Yuh huh.

    But seriously, there was many a time where I contemplated flinging myself to the ground like a petulant brat and giving up from the incessant spring cleaning, because OMG WE'RE DOOMED THIS WILL NEVER END WAAAAHHHH. Or in the hilarious words of Homer Simpson (when he realises he has a Nuclear Physics 101 exam the next day), "Actually, I've been working on a plan. During the exam I'll hide under some coats, and hope that somehow everything will work out."

    Naturally, though, I sucked it up, focussed and stopped whining, which of course made the spring cleaning slightly more bearable. That, and some miiiiighty good chocolate. TRUST.

  7. Haha you guys crack me up.

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